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Top 15 Best Tax Preparation Software: Find some of the best freemium or paid tax preparation software available that can assist you in filing your taxes fast and effectively.

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Top 15 best tax preparation software: Find some of the best freemium or paid tax preparation software available that can assist you in filing your taxes fast and effectively.

For people with complicated tax returns, professional tax preparation services are excellent options. However, numerous websites provide users with easy returns with free or paid smart tax preparation software. Read about some of the most popular tax preparation software in the top 15 best tax preparation software below, and discover plenty of features that could make your tax return a smoother, stress free process.

If you can afford it, using a tax preparation service or a qualified tax preparer is wonderful. However, a lot of people are not aware that there are online possibilities for free or paid tax software. There are free and paid tax software programs that can help you file your taxes quickly and efficiently, no matter how you do it.

Top 15 Best Tax Preparation Software

Here are a few examples of tax preparation software that can be useful to you during the filing season.



To guide you through the process and income alternatives, as well as on-screen help when you need it, TurboTax makes filing your taxes easy, regardless of your level of experience or knowledge of tax law, or when you need it from one Reverse angle.

One of the most well-known ways of filing tax returns is TurboTax, a product of  Intuit, a maker of financial, accounting, and tax  software.

Reputation and market presence for nearly 40 years contribute to its appeal, as does the company’s emphasis on design and feature richness for customers.

The software uses a series of questions like interviews to guide you through the tax preparation and filing process that gives it a leader position in the top 15 best tax preparation software.

A banner at the top of the screen displays a rolling total of your anticipated Cap. If you run into trouble along the road, you may upgrade to TurboTax Live for a charge and get on-demand assistance from a CPA or TurboTax expert. If you select this option, the tax expert will evaluate your return one last time before filing.

You can upgrade to Full Service and have your tax return prepared for you by paying an extra cost. A tax expert will arrange a time to review your return with you before you file it. However, unless you’re ready to purchase TurboTax Live, you won’t have access to live customer care. The software does include advice for DIY, including a bot known as the TurboTax Digital Assistant.

Additionally, you should be wary of the almost continual pressure to increase your package when utilizing TurboTax. In the 13 minutes it took me to prepare a straightforward return, I came across no less than three solicitations to upgrade.

You’ll encounter windows asking you to upgrade from Free to Deluxe, get assistance from a TurboTax Live expert, or join TurboTax MAX—an add-on package that includes audit representation, identity theft resources, and priority customer service—as you go through the tax preparation process.

H&R Block

Leading tax preparation company H&R Block offers comprehensive personal tax preparation and support, as well as alternatives to standalone tax software and desktop software. The fact that H&R Block has so many physical sites around the country provides it an advantage over rivals that solely provide digital and remote services.

The best option to file your taxes is probably on your own using H&R Block’s online software if you’re comfortable using computers.

Low-income households or those with only the most basic filing requirements can benefit from free filing choices. Anyone who needs popular features like itemized deductions, Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, or investments should upgrade to the paid version, which starts at $49.99 plus $36.99 per state. Even the most complex cases, such as self-employment income, real estate rental income and cryptocurrency transactions, are expected to be processed online by H&R Block. MyBlock’s mobile app helps get started and upload files, but in most situations, you’ll probably need a computer to complete your return.

H&R Block provides both online and in-person choices starting at $69.99 plus a per-state fee if you’re in the middle of filing and decide you need more assistance or just want to start with the guidance of a tax professional. You can drop off your paperwork at a location and let someone else handle everything, or upload your documents for a completely virtual experience.

With only a few exceptions, H&R Block can handle almost all tax issues.

It offers a maximum refund guarantee, just like other well-known tax preparation tools and this make the software an important addition to top 15 best tax preparation software.

Compared to some other options, it isn’t quite as smooth when it comes to visuals and the entire flow of your tax input experience, but it still does a great job of having everything you need to get your taxes done quickly, accurately, and affordably. The availability of a variety of preparation options, including in-person assistance at an H&R Block location, is a feature that caters to the demands of different types of taxpayers.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the market leaders in online tax preparation, TaxAct offers a comparable service at a lower cost. TaxAct combines a thorough question-and-answer method for filling out your tax return with an amazing Answer Center that offers helpful information for all kinds of tax circumstances, even though it is not as sophisticated as top tax software.

There are four online tax preparation tiers offered by TaxAct: Free, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed.

The quantity of accompanying IRS paperwork identifies each plan. The free plan lets you file simple tax returns, but those that include mortgage interest or other deductions require upgrading to the deluxe version. Investment income necessitates the Premier plan, and independent contractors who receive several 1099 forms must pay for the top tier, Self-Employed.

TaxAct provides coverage for practically all tax scenarios and is less expensive than the top products, however, there is no live chat and less comprehensive assistance. TaxAct can be a decent deal if you don’t require live assistance when filing your taxes.

TaxAct may be appealing to confident tax filers who want to optimize their returns by taking deductions they may not have previously thought of. TaxAct’s Deduction Maximizer tool provides personalized deduction suggestions based on your tax circumstances when you are evaluating your return. Despite this, you’ll still need a solid understanding of tax laws to make the appropriate adjustments.

A sweet option that place TaxAct in top 15 best tax preparation software is the affordable option for those searching for a cheaper alternative to TurboTax and H&R Blocks.

TaxAct may be appealing to confident tax filers who want to optimize their returns by taking deductions they may not have previously thought of. TaxAct’s Deduction Maximizer tool provides personalized deduction suggestions based on your tax circumstances when you are evaluating your return. Despite this, you’ll still need a solid understanding of tax laws to make the appropriate adjustments.

TaxAct is an affordable option for those searching for a cheaper alternative to TurboTax and H&R Block, but TaxSlayer is somewhat more affordable, provides a similar experience, and has additional add-on support options.


TaxSlayer is a fantastic alternative for you to think about whether you have little expertise in preparing your tax return or may consider yourself a tax return veteran.  The service is inexpensive when compared to its rivals, although it does provide less comprehensive assistance.  However, this reduces the cost and is far less expensive than the most expensive tax return software available.  The software is best suited for customers with straightforward returns or seasoned users who are familiar with tax returns.

Each year during tax season, the firm attempts to provide consumers with excellent tax software and technical support.  It accomplishes this by combining affordability, an intuitive user interface, and support options—all for less than some rivals’ prices. 

Free phone and email technical help is available to users, and users of the Premium and Self-Employed software versions can ask experts directly questions.

Compared to other software on the market, TaxSlayer offers superior price alternatives.  For the money you pay, the program is functional and simple to use. Single and married filers without dependents receive the best value.  These people are eligible to submit Form 1040 with fewer credits and deductions and pay nothing.

The program provides explanations as you work through your tax return to make sure you comprehend the section that is being addressed.  Even if they are more general, they can be helpful, understandable explanations to give guidance on what each component of the tax return needs.

Another option that can make TaxSlayer a leader in top 15 best tax preparation software is that you have access to phone support to address any technical queries that may come up when preparing your tax return. 

If you have a query that is specifically related to taxes, you must pay extra to speak with a tax expert who will be able to comprehend your issue and explain what you need to do.

Jackson Hewitt

Nearly 6,000 physical sites, including 3,000 in Walmart stores, offer in-person tax preparation services under the Jackson Hewitt brand throughout the United States. However, the business also gives customers the option of doing their online tax preparation. For consumers with straightforward tax returns who don’t require a lot of assistance determining which sorts of income, deductions, and tax credits they should include on their return, Jackson Hewitt’s online tax filing software is a solid option.

But what is complexity?

The ability to itemize deductions and disclose business income on Schedule C may come naturally to one person, while collecting IRA withdrawals or accurately reporting stock transactions may cause stress.

All of these scenarios are covered by Jackson Hewitt’s tax software, but it doesn’t provide much assistance if you need help include it in your tax return.

Jackson Hewitt’s price model is among the simplest to comprehend in the DIY tax preparation market because it enables clients to submit both federal and state forms affordably.

Regardless of how simple or complex their tax situation is and this is a great feature that place Jackson Hewitt’s in top 15 best tax preparation software.

Given that many other organizations impose a fee for each state submitted, Jackson Hewitt may be especially enticing to taxpayers who need to file taxes in more than one state due to its low price for federal and all-state filings. People with uncomplicated returns, who can file their federal and state taxes for free with other programs, are unlikely to find it appealing.

Additionally, Jackson Hewitt charges $24.95 for the convenience of paying your tax filing fees with a federal refund. To avoid the fee, you can opt to pay your Jackson Hewitt tax filing fees with a debit or credit card.

There was only one offer to add Protection Plus while using the software, and it appeared after entering both federal and state data. That’s a welcome departure from TurboTax, which repeatedly invites consumers to upgrade their plan or buy add-on services.

Credit Karma Tax

You can utilize Credit Karma’s free online tax preparation tool from a web browser or mobile device. An account with Credit Karma is all you need. Particularly given that filing a federal and state return costs nothing, it is a respectable rival to well-known firms like TurboTax and H&R Block. However, there are certain restrictions.

The best users of Credit Karma Tax are those who long for simplicity and desire to cut costs on tax preparation.

The platform relies on the user to locate the additional tax forms they require because it does not offer separate packages for different types of tax situations, such as self-employment and investment income. It’s a genuine DIY experience. Having stated that, even for beginners, the UI is understandable and simple to use.

For someone who doesn’t think they’ll require professional assistance to complete their tax return, Credit Karma Tax is the greatest option.

An intuitive web tool called Credit Karma Tax walks you through a set of suggested procedures to finish your tax return that is a great option that brings Credit Karma Tax top 15 best tax preparation software.

As you look through your collection of paper and digital tax forms for the year, you can also bounce around from form to form on your own.

While Credit Karma Tax does not offer assistance in a few uncommon situations, the majority of taxpayers can prepare and file their federal and state tax returns for free using the online service. Credit Karma Tax is always free, in contrast to other services that may provide some level of free preparation depending on your income or tax position.

You can find almost any tax form with a few clicks, except a small list of unsupported ones. Both at the federal and state levels, the sections on income, deductions, and credits are logical and simple to understand. If you have a form but are unsure of its location, you can quickly access it by typing its name into the search bar (for example, 1099-INT or W-2).


A free federal plan is promoted by almost all online tax preparation software programs. The free plans of some systems, however, have severe limitations that require users with more complicated tax situations to subscribe to a paid plan, as hordes of irate taxpayers can confirm. However, the majority of filers can use Freetaxusa’s free plan because it supports the majority of IRS forms and schedules.

This comprises investors, small business owners, landlords, and self-employed people who are required to record capital gains or losses.

State tax returns are the only thing you need to pay for, but you can upgrade to the Deluxe Version to get access to more features. However, make sure you comprehend how FreeTaxUSA functions, including its benefits and drawbacks, before you rush at the price.

You can import a prior-year return created with TurboTax, H&R Block, or TaxAct using FreeTaxUSA. If you must, simply convert it to a PDF. Sadly, it is the extent of FreeTaxUSA’s import capabilities. An automatic data extraction from a W-2, W-9, or brokerage statement is not possible. The inability to import could dramatically increase the amount of time it takes you to complete your file if your brokerage statement contains numerous stock or exchange-traded fund transactions that you must report separately.

FreeTaxUSA’s user interface is fairly adaptable. Before moving on to the parts about income, credits, and deductions, you must complete all of your personal information. You can work on any subject at any moment once you are in the earning part, though. All pertinent topics are shown in the return sections.

Within each topic, you have the option of following a question-and-answer format similar to an interview or manually entering information into the appropriate fields that could make FreeTaxUSA a winner in top 15 best tax preparation software.

You can move on to deductions and credits even if you haven’t finished all the pertinent subjects in the income section yet and come back to finish your income later. You can mark pages you haven’t finished reading or wish to return to later using a bookmarking system.

That is practical for busy filers who must do their taxes over weeks as new documents are received.

eSmart Tax

For small firms with extremely modest tax requirements, eSmart Paycheck is the best online tax software option. It offers resources for figuring out employee pay and taxes, producing paychecks and paystubs, and printing federal forms (including Form W-2). Additionally, eSmart Paycheck provides tax filings and deposits for a few states as well as a free tax calculator that you may use to handle straightforward tax and deduction calculations.

You receive an easy and affordable employee tax calculation solution with eSmart Paycheck.

You may effortlessly set up and add income and deduction items (including overtime, commissions, bonuses, health plan payments, and local tax deductions) thanks to its flexible interface. Additionally, its technology enables you to handle tax for multiple businesses using a single account.

In addition to its tax administration system, it offers a free online tax calculator. It allows you to print paychecks and download pay stubs and can manage straightforward tax and tax computations for hourly and salaried employees.

A reasonably priced, comparatively easy-to-learn and use solution is provided by eSmart Paycheck. Depending on how many employees you have, its annual expenses range from $75 to $450. Additionally, there is no setup price for new customers.

When business owners trying to figure out how to calculate tax for a few employees, the free online tax calculator from eSmart Paycheck is simple to use if you have a small workforce and need a quick way to figure out employee wages.

Additionally, it can print pay stubs and paychecks and this is a great addition to eSmart Tax that could make it a leader in top 15 best tax preparation software.

The software can be used by bookkeepers who do fundamental tax services for a small number of clients. You can process employee payments for various firms using eSmart Paycheck’s online tax administration solution from a single account. Although its tools are easy, there is no guarantee that it supports e-filing in your state, so the clients must be little, overall, and have a straightforward structure.

Liberty Tax

You may submit your taxes online, get tax assistance in person, have one of Liberty Tax Service’s experts file them for you, download crucial paperwork (such as W2 forms), and more using this service. Liberty Tax has received numerous honors, including four years in a row as a top franchise by Entrepreneur magazine and top tax firm by Accounting Today in 2010 and 2011.

The Liberty Tax Service offers a comprehensive guarantee that safeguards clients’ financial interests.

In comparison to other businesses, the corporation prides itself on offering consumers sizable returns and this successfully brings Liberty Tax in top 15 best tax preparation software.

If a better refund is obtained from another business, Liberty Tax Service will “eat the tax preparation fees.” Additionally, the business guarantees excellent services, customer pleasure, and accuracy. Members will be compensated for fines and interest if the company makes a math error when filing tax returns with the IRS.

We draw your attention to the possibility of audit support from Liberty Tax Service. Liberty Tax Service provides expert audit assistance to each of its online customers. When you file your tax return with Liberty Tax, their tax preparers will automatically assist you. LTS guarantees intervention and support at every stage of the audit process. For additional assistance, you can enroll (for a fee) in the Enhanced Audit Assistance program.

What we also like is how easy it is to contact Liberty Tax Service. Customers and potential customers can use the contact page, which is filled with a variety of specific phone numbers and email addresses. If anyone has a tax-related query they’d like to tweet at LTS, the company maintains an active Twitter account.

Any tax filer would be glad to make use of Liberty Tax Services’ many wonderful features. A free filing option is provided. Its contact information is highly thorough, and its audit support appears to be among the best in the sector.

However, given the lawsuits that have been brought against Liberty Tax Service, we can’t help but feel uneasy about doing business with them.


Every business has different tax requirements and levels of complexity. By offering a fully customizable solution that attends to your every requirement, TaxWise is intended to simplify the tax filing process and save business time and money. The company that founded TaxWise, CCH Small Firm Services, was founded in 2006 in Georgia, USA. Jeff Gramlich, the company’s CEO, has a wealth of tax and accounting knowledge.

Taxwise is appropriate for both larger organizations with complex taxation procedures, primarily multi-branch corporations, and smaller organizations that want a quick accounting solution that meets their requirements.

TaxWise is used by many companies primarily for accounting functions. Supported adjustment has helped modestly successful small businesses such as Turner Tax and Veracity Financial.

This little application will mostly benefit smaller businesses that require a tax solution that eliminates the requirement for an accounting specialist.

It accurately manages all of these data with ease and works with both little and large investments that makes TaxWise a great addition to top 15 best tax preparation software.

Your feature package is cost-effective in that it only includes the functions that are necessary after a thorough analysis of your business’s requirements. Additionally, TaxWise maintains a sizable database of practically all necessary tax forms.

A specific system and database called TaxWise hold a wealth of tax knowledge. The program features substantial customer service and is geared toward small enterprises and individuals. The software automates filling out tax forms. Individual users can complete their taxes within the first few hours of the program’s installation after quickly learning how to use it. There is only one package for all users.

Drake Tax

For businesses that file a small number of individual and state tax returns, Drake Tax is an excellent investment because it is an affordable, reliable tax software. You can produce several state returns for a single business at no additional cost, and it includes all state programs. Additionally, it contains helpful tools like LookBack and DoubleCheck as well as hardware add-ons that will expedite and save you time when submitting tax forms. Its pay-per-return price ranges from $345 for ten individual returns to $44.99 for each company return, with a maximum price of $1,825 for limitless individual and corporate returns.

With override settings, Drake Tax enables automatic data transfer from federal returns to state and local returns.

Additionally, it automatically generates credits for taxes paid to other jurisdictions and pre-fills fields with information from the ZIP code and employment identification number (EIN).

For each federal return, you are free to create an infinite number of state returns. This gives you access to data from the previous tax year’s returns, which you may see and compare.

Therefore such a feature is of a great help and Drake Tax could be as well one of the leader in top 15 best tax preparation software.

Using available hardware add-ons like a barcode scanner, which permits data import from W-2s or K-1s with 2D barcodes, Drake Tax enables you to streamline tax preparation. You can also include an e-signature pad, which enables customers to sign tax returns electronically. This is a diagnostic tool that allows you to monitor any changes that affect the elements of a confirmed data entry. It will automatically mark any modifications for review if it finds any.

The Drake Tax website is very easy to use and has a simple navigation. It offers several features, including the LookBack and DoubleCheck diagnostic tools, that assist you in making sure that the information is valid. Because there is no need for paper signatures, the possibility to add hardware, like a barcode scanner and an e-signature pad, also makes life simpler for you and your clients.

ProSeries Tax

Cloud-based tax software called Intuit ProSeries Tax is made to assist accounting companies in managing their tax practice. The system aids accountants in the preparation of returns, electronic form submission, and tracking of tax filing problems. In addition, it allows them to verify return information before it is electronically filed with the IRS or a state tax authority. ProSeries Tax automates regular procedures during tax season and increases efficiency in daily operations throughout the year thanks to safe and scalable access to data from anywhere at any time. Accounting businesses can use Intuit ProSeries Tax to prepare returns, submit e-forms, and monitor tax filing mistakes. Multi-user access, e-signature, progress monitoring, multi-year e-filing, encrypted PDF files, and data import are among the features.

You can use the client analyzer provided by ProSeries Professional to learn more about your clientele.

You can print or export the client group breakdowns by return type to a spreadsheet. The client presentation tool uses simple visualizations to display a client’s bottom line, income and deductions, and comparisons to earlier years.

ProSeries Professional allows you to manage all of your digital signatures, allowing your customers to sign whenever and however they like. Additionally, you’ll be able to examine, monitor the status of, and manage the e-filed returns of your clients. Missing client data is also logged and filed, and before the return is issued, the data must be entered.

For each client, you can create a list of up to 73 personalized tax planning tips to help them reduce their future taxes which is a great option the brings ProSeries Tax in top 15 best tax preparation software.

You can use the tax planner to develop unique tax plans for customers, including pro forma estimates and predictions, by using it to anticipate income, expenses, withholdings, and tax payments for upcoming tax years.

To import assets into different activities like Schedule C and Schedule E, ProSeries Professional connects with ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager for an additional cost. Additionally, SmartVault connects seamlessly with ProSeries to provide a secure and reliable document management system with an integrated client interface. ProSeries clients can be imported into SmartVault.


One of the top sales tax applications for online stores is TaxJar, which is used by companies like Shein, BigCartel, LandRover, and others. The whole tax lifecycle across all sales channels is automated, including calculation, nexus tracking, reporting, and filling. The team at TaxJar keeps up with the most recent sales tax regulations so that when rates change, they are updated right away. Furthermore, so that you can maintain legal compliance and ease of use, its AI-powered product classification tool assesses and recommends the appropriate tax code for every one of your products.

Overall, TaxJar uses strong technology to go through all the difficulties with sales tax. It gives small businesses the ability to manage taxes by doing away with laborious manual processes.

Rooftop-accurate rates are applied by TaxJar’s API and computation engines, ensuring that sales tax estimates are based on the state, county, city, and even district of your customer. Your consumers will receive accurate tax information in their checkout view right away because the sales tax API has a sub-20ms response time and a 99.99% uptime rating.

The software can offer onboarding specialists to assist you with a specific integration to a friendly customer support team that is available by phone, or useful onboarding documents that makes TaxJar a possible winner in top 15 best tax preparation software.

Depending on how much money you’re making, you might also have an economic nexus if you have clients in various states. Most states have nexus rules that require you, once you reach a certain threshold, to charge sales tax to customers in those states, file tax returns there, and pay taxes there. You can determine whether you meet the requirements for an economic link.

The online tax service provides a simple user interface for submitting both federal and state income tax returns. Since every filer must pay the same $25 flat cost, 1040. com’s flat-fee system removes the uncertainty surrounding which tax package to employ. The majority of federal and state tax forms are supported by the platform, including Form 8949, which is used to declare capital assets, including investments in cryptocurrencies.

The business also provides chat and email support, but neither phone support nor an upgrade to a one-on-one consultation with a tax specialist is offered.

Along with tax preparation and filing services, also provides several tax calculators and tools to assist you in estimating your tax liability. These resources include a tax bracket calculator, a self-employment tax calculator, and a capital gains tax calculator.

It’s easy to use—just join up and get started. You can include all the information you require on your tax return by using the guided questionnaire.

The platform will automatically identify the tax credits and deductions you are eligible for based on the answers you supply that tis a great feature that in top 15 best tax preparation software.

Alternatively, if you are a tax expert, you can skip the questions and get straight to the forms you want. supports W-2 import for more than 1 million employers, so there’s a chance you’ll be able to get your W-2 data automatically. Additionally, if you have previously used, your prior tax return is still stored in its database and is simple to import and amend for the current tax year.

Unlike other tax preparation software, does not have pricing tiers. Instead, it charges a single cost of $25 at the time of publication for both federal and state files. You pay the $25 rate regardless of the type of credits or deductions you have.

It costs an extra $24.95 if you want to pay the fee with your refund. For an extra $29.95, you can also add on the optional Audit Assistance, a third-party service that provides resolution experts.

OLT OnLine Taxes

The Free File program is a partnership between tax software vendors and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that provides many taxpayers with free tax filing choices, including OnLine Taxes ( You can prepare federal tax returns using this web-based program, but you must be eligible. For many filers, it’s one of the best bargains that is free to use.

The software’s user interface consists of several worksheets for entering data.

The first choice available to users is which sort of tax return they will be filing: Form 1040, Form 1040-NR, or Form 1040-SS. Seniors can file Form 1040-SR if they are 65 years of age or older.

Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico who are not otherwise required to file a tax return should record self-employment income on the SS return rather than the 1040-NR return for non-residents.

When you enter the program’s data entry section, a selection of headlines and help notes offer instructions. The process flow, which includes income, deductions/credits, health care, others, and review, is displayed at the top of each screen. When information has been entered, users can also access the federal, state, file, view return, preferences, and account tabs at the top of the screen. On the right side of every page is a box that offers assistance for the topic.

OLT provides all of the features one would anticipate from an online tax preparation service and this makes OLT OnLine Taxes an important addition to top 15 best tax preparation software.

Along with demanding an additional layer of personal information, it also appears to go above and beyond the minimal data entry requirements by giving the income and credits sections access to a wider range of addendum form possibilities.

The Bottom Line

Using online tax services rather than hiring a hired tax professional might save you a lot of time and money. An online tax service offers you more assistance and priceless record-keeping compared to filling out and mailing in your tax return. Many taxpayers find this reasonable filing choice to be ideal. Is it appropriate given your tax situation?

Using online tax services has a lot of benefits. Compared to paying a tax professional or manually filing your tax return, it has some advantages.

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