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Microsoft Accounting: The Advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics Accounting Software and how you will get the real benefits of using one of the best accounting software for your business.

Microsoft Accounting: The Advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics Accounting Software and how you will get the real benefits of using one of the best accounting software for your business.

Microsoft offer accounting solutions for any size of business with the two accounting packages available on the market that have most of the functions a business needs these days to stay confident the accounting books are maintained with one of the most innovative and performant accounting packages in the industry.

The two Microsoft accounting packages solutions are Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Both Microsoft accounting software are at developed at the higher level of innovation, security and standards offering a wide range of functionalities from where you can choose the most suitable to your business.

Microsoft Accounting Dynamics NAV

1Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Azure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a flexible accounting packages suitable for any size of businesses. The software can be installed on your own server, or you can use the Microsoft Accounting Dynamics NAV cloud on AZURE.

The main benefits of using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Azure are the flexibility to use the system on demand with no costs of maintenance of the IT infrastructure, backups and security systems protection that are automatically provided with the service subscription acquired.

2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV flexibility.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes beside the core accounting functions other functionalities that can be integrated automatically for the management of supply chain, inventory, production, CRM, and other business department modules.

3 Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules.

Beside the main pack core modules of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can request an extended pack that can be customized based on your business needs.

At the same time, you can build an additional module that integrates with the system or connect the main accounting package to other software you have in place towards maximizing you finance department capabilities.

Microsoft Accounting Dynamics 365

1 Microsoft Dynamics 365 SaaS

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is a cloud-based SaaS model application and can only be purchased on subscription. The main advantage is that you don’t have to worry about having to install the application on your computer, security, and updates, as all these are delivered automatically and included in the subscription.

2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for small and medium businesses.

Microsoft Accounting Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based accounting software application providing core accounting functionality and is suitable for small and medium businesses with less complex accounting and financial structure.

Using the Microsoft Accounting Microsoft Dynamics 365 you will get the benefits of having a cost-efficient accounting package doing most of the accounting tasks you need to run your business.

3 Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost-efficiency

With a self-hosted accounting package, you will have to bear all the costs of digital and physical security, backups, updates, or upgrades as the industry develop with new accounting technologies that can improve your efficiencies in the accounting department.

On the other side the Microsoft Dynamics 365 is bearing all these costs at a fraction in your subscription package being a cost-effective solution especially if you are small or medium business and want to keep your overheads at the minimum level.

4 Microsoft Dynamics 365 online

Dynamics 365 is an online cloud-basis accounting software giving you access at the financial information you need at any time, and from anywhere you will have an internet connection.

Using the Microsoft Accounting Dynamics 365 online accounting system you will have the mobility you need to run your business successfully.

5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

As your business expands, beside the Microsoft Dynamics 365 core accounting functions you will find more solution on the Microsoft App marketplace where you can subscribe for additional apps to integrate with the main software capabilities. Here you can find more solutions and ideas that can enhance you accounting capabilities and efficiencies with integrated slimline accounting and finance solutions.

The accounting addons Apps are cost efficient solution that can be deployed only on specific accounting or finance tasks and processes as your business is growing and need to manage an increase volume of data and processes across the business departments.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offer great solutions at the enterprise level connecting and automating the business processes and streamline the sales, finance, production with customised functions and advanced process technologies.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an international multi-currency solution adopted by many business partners around the globe that will enhance the cross-border processes for a variety of business functions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Client Relationship Management (CRM) system can be one of the best choices when choosing a client management software. Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most trusted solutions on the market and being developed by Microsoft have the potential to achieve and provide you always the best solutions in terms of the software and integrations for your various business needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will easily streamline the marketing, sales, and customer service functions with top tier systems already used by millions or billions of people or organisations around the world.

Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

Microsoft Dynamics is the right toll you need when you are looking at integration with other important services within the business for a slimline processing of data.

At the same time Microsoft Dynamics can be naturally and easily integrated with some of the Microsoft solutions but at the same time with other systems you have in place or other business systems to facilitate a streamline partnerships or collaborations.


Both Microsoft Accounting Dynamics 365 and NAV are great accounting software that will cover successfully all your need of the accounting function. Bott systems can be integrated at the premisses or within the cloud with other Microsoft apps or systems you have in place to deploy a slimline cross-departmental efficient task processing operations that can be customized to your business needs.

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