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Accounting software for small businesses: Take now the advantage of using these accounting software for small and medium size business that will increase your efficiency and productivity sooner than you think.

Accounting software for small businesses: Take now the advantage of using these accounting software for small and medium size business that will increase your efficiency and productivity sooner than you think.

At the time of writing this article we have seen most of the successful businesses having as well in place a performant accounting software that can generate all the functions for the provision of a sound management information for the decision factors. Sometime can be difficult to choose an accounting system the have the capabilities to keep you on top of the latest developments and bring you the real benefits to your business.

We have listed some of the best accounting software for small businesses and medium size businesses that could be a valuable addition for a better control, security, functionality, access to information, and cross-department operation within your business.







Multiple customization options, and best for integrations with other systems.

Need extra expertise to set up and could be princely for small entities.




Great for collaboration, easy to use interface, and excellent reporting module.

The support can be a bit slow but is always effective.




Easy to set up, advanced invoicing system, and affordable for small and medium size business.

Lack of inventory management function and customization options.


Cloud accounting software for small businesses.

When you are looking to implement an accounting software first thing it comes in your mind is how easy it is to access the software for data input or output or to get a quick access to financial information.

Some of the best accounting software for small businesses are hosted on cloud servers and the only thing you need to access the data is an PC and internet connection. This makes the beauty of having cloud-based accounting software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time as you or your business demands.

Furthermore, now days some of the smartest accounting software for small businesses have been designed for usability on a mobile phone and have integrated Apps for Android or iOS that can be easily downloaded giving you instant access to your main accounting dashboard.

Automatization with could accounting software for small businesses.

To run a cost-efficient accounting function, you might have to look for accounting automation solutions for the core accounting function but at the same time for automation across other departments of operations such as human resources, production, sales and so on.

Nowadays the accounting software for small businesses available on the market have the capabilities to automate the accounting processes withing your entry departments operations and at the same time to integrate your organisation and processes with outside business partners, customers or other entities that can results from merges and acquisitions.

International scalability with smart accounting software.

As the time pass your business will grow and diversify that will result the adoption of new capabilities to your actual accounting software capabilities. Some of the best accounting software for small businesses are built on addons modules that allow you to add up more functionalities and integration as your business needs while expanding its operations and processes.

In addition, smart accounting software are designed to be extended and integrate the functions at the international level for multinational global entities that need to unify the subsidiaries processes in a centralized system or needs to integrate with international law, tax, customers, payroll, or business partners in a slimline efficient and cost-effective way.

Best accounting software for small businesses overall.

We will list below some of the best overall accounting software for small and medium size business that could strengthen your accounting and finance processes either in your country or international.


One of the most user-friendly accounting software FreshBooks come recently into the market getting soon a reputation as one of the best could-based accounting software for small size and medium size businesses.

The main traction for FreshBooks is the advanced invoicing that can be the first option for businesses with hight volume of invoicing. At the same time the system can be integrates easily with many banks to automate the transaction import into the system for a slimline processing.


An innovative accounting software Xero come into the market as 100% cloud-based accounting software becoming one of the most used cloud-based accounting systems internationally. The software company developing Xero have proved instantly as a game changer deploying a powerful innovative Service as a Product (SaaP) solution available on demand with a monthly subscription.

In addition, the most appealing benefit of having Xero is the cloud-based core accounting system that can be integrated with other on demand Apps to generate a cost-efficient system customized as per the business needs.


A very popular accounting software QuickBooks is one of the oldest and best accounting software for small businesses on the market recognized at the international level for the ability to deliver your figures quickly and efficiently.

Some of the main functionality that make QuickBooks a great choice are the inventory management system and payroll option that come withing the core package and is a real benefit especially for small businesses that need a quick solution that capture all the functions to run the operations efficiently and at a low cost.

The QuickBooks accounting system can be easily scaled to mid-size businesses with multiple functions and needs for quick integration of the functionalities and processing operations across the department within the entity or external.


Will be had to choose from FreshBooks, Xero or QuickBooks as all the systems have great innovative capabilities that serve multiple purposes. At the same time all of them have the core functionalities and offer additional functionalities that can be customized or purchased on demand your business will find it more suitable.

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